Why does my laptop keep crashing my Wi-Fi?

Why does my laptop keep crashing my Wi-Fi? 

The problem usually occurs due to outdated or corrupted Wireless LAN driver after users upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. Reported, the notebook PC “constantly and intermittently freezes” when connected to WiFi, but it functions normally with a wired connection.

Why is my Wi-Fi keep crashing? 

If you’re too far from your router, your internet may cut in and out as Wi-Fi signals struggle to reach your device. Obstructions between your device and your router may also cause intermittent disconnections. Pay attention to your device’s Wi-Fi signal meter to see where your Wi-Fi signal gets weak and disconnects.

Why does my WiFi keep disconnecting Windows 10? 

Many of the Windows 10 users who recently upgraded their Windows are reporting to have an issue with their WiFi which is keeping disconnecting frequently. The reason behind this error may be you have old/incompatible WiFi driver installed on your computer or it may be because Windows is turning network driver off.

Why does my HP laptop keep losing WiFi connection? 

It could be a corrupt wireless profile, or a compatibility issue between the router and the computer. There is also the possibility that an automatic update could be a culprit. There could be environmental concerns, unrelated to the computer due to signal issues.

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Why does my laptop loses Internet connection Windows 10?

If you find Windows 10 repeatedly drops the Wi-Fi connection without warning (and you’re sure there are no issues with the router), the problem could be caused by your network adapter’s power management settings. You need to revoke the permission which allows Windows to turn off the adapter to save power.

Why does my WiFi keep disconnecting every 5 minutes?

Your Internet is probably disconnecting every few minutes because of an issue with your router. It may have loose cables or out-of-date firmware that needs updating. Your router may also be overloaded, so try disconnecting some devices to see if that stabilizes your internet connection.

Why does my internet randomly disconnect for a few seconds?

If your WiFi connection drops every few seconds, the problem might be interference from other networks. To fix the issue, it’s advised to change your wireless channel to channel 9 or higher. To see how to change the wireless channel on your router, be sure to check your router’s manual for detailed instructions.