Why does my phone cable tangle?

Why does my phone cable tangle? 

The tangles occur when the handset of the phone is pulled or twisted around into position that are the opposite direction of the twists already in the chord.

How do you relax a phone cord? 

Try holding the cord close to the phone and let the handset dangle in the air. The cord should unwind itself to its original shape -IF- you do it regularly!

How do you straighten a charging cable? 

How do you fix a curl cord? 

Start with the end of the wire in one hand, then slide your other hand a little way down the wire and make the first coil. For the next coil, twist your hand, so your palm is facing outwards. Grab the wire with your palm in that position, then as you’re bringing the wire up to coil it, twist your palm back inwards.