Why does my Vizio sound bar keep flashing?

Why does my Vizio sound bar keep flashing? 

The soundbar is not properly connected

There are some external issues that cause the Vizio sound bar to flash White Lights so frequently. White lights will flash if you have a loose socket where the plug doesn’t fit well. In some cases, this indicates that the soundbar is continually turning on and off.Jan 20, 2022

Why does my soundbar keep fading in and out? 

Your soundbar may cut out audio due to several reasons. It may be Bluetooth interference, old worn-out components, inadequate wire gauges, outdated software, and even poorly connected cables.

How do I reset Vizio sound bar? 

Performing a factory reset on your VIZIO soundbar completely erases any custom settings and/or preferences to their original factory settings.
  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for five seconds.
  2. All 12 LEDs will flash three times.
  3. The factory reset is complete.

How do I reset my Vizio sound bar without the remote? 

You can reset your Vizio sound bar with or without a remote. The best way is to press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons for five seconds simultaneously and wait for all LEDs on the device to flash three times. Once done, the settings will go back to factory defaults.

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Why did my Vizio sound bar suddenly stop working?

Check your HDMI cable itself. The problem might lie with your cable rather than your Vizio sound bar or TV, so inspect your cable to make sure that there isn’t any damage. If your HDMI cable doesn’t seem to be damaged, try disconnecting and reconnecting both ends of the HDMI cable.

How long do soundbars last?

Soundbars: 6-16 years

A newer amplified soundbar, like a Sonos Arc, should not become obsolete anytime soon, though expect the hardware to operate for up to 7 years before needing a repair or a replacement.

Why would a soundbar stop working?

Most soundbar issues result from improper connection, an incorrect device setting, a poor physical arrangement. Most fixes are fairly simple, though some may require some time to troubleshoot.

Why is my Vizio sound bar not working with my Vizio TV?

The Vizio Soundbar and TV will not work together if the cable is in the wrong port in either device. The recommended port is HDMI 1 (ARC) on the TV and HDMI OUT (ARC) on the Soundbar. You may also need to enable the ‘CEC’ and ‘ARC’ features, unplug other devices and change the Audio Output settings.