Why is my Bose Soundbar crackling?

Why is my Bose Soundbar crackling? 

Check for sources of wireless interference.

To determine if a device might be interfering, try unplugging its power cord or disabling Wi-Fi on the device. If the issue is resolved when a particular device is removed, try placing that device farther away from your product, if possible.

Why is my Bose speaker glitching? 

Bose speakers or headphones will be disrupted if your Bluetooth device is out of range, the batteries are low or there is interference. This can include other devices, the Wi-Fi network, background apps or physical barriers. If you have earbuds that fall out, they will need to be fitted correctly. What is this?

Why does my speaker make a scratchy sound? 

Speaker popping and crackling are caused by interrupted electrical current (audio signals) or, in other words, a loose or dirty connection. To fix crackling and popping, troubleshoot the connective wires to find the problem area and secure the connection and/or replace the cable.

How do you fix a Bose sub popping sound? 

Popping or crackling sound from wireless bass module
  1. Be sure the bass module is within wireless range of the soundbar.
  2. Check for sources of wireless interference.
  3. If using a wireless connection, try connecting the bass module with a wired connection.

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Why is my sub crackling?

Subwoofers make popping noises because of squared waveforms, incorrect cone signals, or overpowered setups. The distorted sounds indicate a mismatch between the input and output based on the speaker’s specs. Loose wiring can also cause popping noises.

Why is my subwoofer making popping sound?

Several factors can contribute to the popping or cracking sound produced by a subwoofer. A filthy signal from the amplifier or receiver, an underperforming receiver, the auto-on feature, interfering signals, overheating of the amplifier or receiver, or clipping could be contributing factors.