Why isn’t my computer detecting my router?

Why isn’t my computer detecting my router? 

Make sure your computer/device is still in the range of your router/modem. Move it closer if it is currently too far away. Go to Advanced > Wireless > Wireless Settings, and check the wireless settings. Double check your Wireless Network Name and SSID is not hided.

How do I get my computer to recognize my wireless router? 

If you don’t have the WiFi switch on your laptop or computer, you can check it in your system.
  1. Right click the Internet icon, and click Open Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Click Change adapter settings.
  3. Right click WiFi, and click Enable.
  4. Restart your Windows and reconnect to your WiFi again.
Sep 30, 2021

Why is my Wi-Fi network not showing up? 

Open Settings. Select Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is set to On at the top. Your Android device will automatically connect to the network if there is no security enabled, or you have connected to it in the past.

Why can’t my PC detect my Wi-Fi but can detect other Wi-Fi connections? 

1) Go to Device Manager> Network Adapters, right click on your network adapter> Update Driver. 4) Windows will propose 2 or more compatible drivers for the network adapter in use, select a driver other than the one currently in use> Next. The driver will be installed automatically. Restart the PC.

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Why won’t my Windows computer find my Wi-Fi?

Go to Start , and select Power > Restart. After your Surface restarts, sign in to Windows. Go to Start , select Settings > Network & Internet, and see whether your wireless network name appears in the list of available networks. If you see your wireless network name, select it and select Connect.