Corrections Policy

Prompt and Transparent Corrections

Accuracy is paramount at TechShift. If we make a factual error, we correct it swiftly and clearly. All corrections are marked in bold within the article text along with an Editor’s Note explaining the change. We believe transparency builds reader trust and upholds journalistic integrity.

Keeping Readers Informed

Beyond fixing errors, we continually update existing articles to link to new related coverage. This provides vital context and a complete picture as stories develop over time. Our goal is to keep readers fully informed by interconnecting our reporting into dynamic knowledge threads.

Owning Our Mistakes

We hold ourselves accountable and do not hide corrections. If we get something wrong, we take ownership and aim to do better. Our readers deserve the truth, even when it reflects poorly on us. Admitting fault openly and fixing errors reinforces our commitment to accuracy.

Valuing Comprehensiveness

TechShift aspires to more than speed or scoops. We strive to provide the deepest analysis and understanding. Our writers expand on existing articles to incorporate new facts, diverse perspectives, additional implications, and evolving analyses. We believe quality, contextual reporting serves readers better than isolated articles. Our work is ongoing.

If you feel like you found a mistake on our website, please do not hesitate and email us at [email protected]