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Search over 15 000 guides on how to open file extensions.

Here at we have worked very hard to create a database containing visual step-by-step guides on how to open over 15 000 file extensions using their associated software. Additionally we have categorized the file extensions to various categories.

File extension is a suffix following the name of a computer file. The most known file extensions include: .docx, .exe, .pdf, .png, .xlsx and many more. The file extension is an indicator of the purpose of the computer file.

Most Popular File Extensions

Below you can see some of the most searched file extensions in our database. For full list of all extensions and file types please head over here.

.apk – Android Package File

.docx – Microsoft Word Document

.exe – Windows Executable File

.pdf – Portable Document Format File

.png – Portable Network Graphic

.psd – Adobe Photoshop Document

.svg – Scalable Vector Graphics File

.xlsx – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

.abw – AbiWord Document

.aim – AIMMS ASCII Model File

.apkg – Exported Anki Flashcard Deck

.asc – Autodesk ASCII Export File

.ascii – ASCII Text File

.bib – Bibliography Document

.docm – Microsoft Word Macro-enabled Doc

.eml – E-Mail Message

.mbox – Email Mailbox File

.me – Readme Text File

.msg – Outlook Mail Message

.ndoc – Naver Word

.odt – OpenDocument Text Document

.p7s – Digitally Signed Email Message

.pages – Apple Pages Document

.ris – Research Information Systems Citation File

.rtf – Rich Text Format File

.sig – Signature File

.text – Plain Text File

.txt – Plain Text File

.utf8 – Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document

.aae – Sidecar Image Edit File

.bin – Generic Binary File

.cgd – Common Grid File

.dat – Data File

.emb – Everest Embedded Bank File

.mbx – Outlook Express Mailbox

.meg – MEGA Data File

.msb – Oracle Binary Message File

.pdplx – Plaintext Data Processing Language

.ppsx – Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show

.ptn – PaperPort Thumbnail File

.qfx – Quicken Financial Exchange File

.qvp – ViewletBuilder Project File

.rda – R Data File

.rpa – RIB Project Archive File

.sar – Sibelius Arrange Style

.sps – SPSS Program File

.trf – TorrentRover File

.xml – XML File

.xmzx – ExamSoft Exam File

.zpl – Zoom Player Playlist

.akp – Akai Sampler File

.amr – Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File

.amxd – Ableton Max Patch File

.aob – DVD-Audio Audio Object File

.bank – FMOD Audio Bank File

.dts – DTS Encoded Audio File

.eop – Everyone Piano Music Score File

.flac – Free Lossless Audio Codec File

.fuz – Bethesda Softworks Voice File

.m3u – Media Playlist File

.m3u8 – UTF-8 M3U Playlist File

.m4a – MPEG-4 Audio File

.m4b – MPEG-4 Audiobook File

.mp1 – MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File

.mp3 – MP3 Audio File

.pkf – Audition Peak File

.ptf – Pro Tools 7 Session File

.swa – Shockwave Audio

.wav – WAVE Audio File

.xsp – Kodi Smart Playlist File

.ym – Atari ST Audio File

.dmsd – Roxio MyDVD Project

.dpg – Nintendo DS Movie File

.exo – YouTube Video Chunk File

.gifv – GIF Video File

.mnv – PlayStation Movie File

.mpe – MPEG Movie File

.mvb – Multimedia Viewer Book Source File

.mys – Vineyard Captured Video File

.nsv – Nullsoft Streaming Video File

.sdv – Studio DV Project File

.svi – Samsung Video File

.swf – Shockwave Flash Movie

.swi – SWiSH Project File

.wvx – Windows Media Video Redirector

.acsm – Adobe Content Server Message File

.aep – Activ E-Book Project

.azw – Amazon Kindle eBook File

.azw3 – Amazon KF8 eBook File

.dnl – DNAML eBook File

.ea – Kindle End Actions File

.epub – Open eBook File

.etd – Adobe Reader EBX Transfer Data File

.han – Amazon Kindle eBook Data File

.jwpub – Jehovah’s Witnesses Publication File

.kfx – Amazon KF10 eBook File

.mobi – Mobipocket eBook

.oeb – Open eBook File

.phl – Kindle Popular Highlights File

.anim – Unity Animation File

.anm – 3D Animation File

.arm – ArmorPaint Asset

.bvh – Biovision Hierarchy Animation File

.cpy – 3ds Max Copy Track File

.csm – Character Studio Marker File

.dae – Digital Asset Exchange File

.des – Corel Designer File

.gltf – GL Transmission Format File

.nif – Gamebryo Model File

.skp – SketchUp Document

.step – STEP 3D Model

.thing – MakerBot Thing File

.xmf – Cal3D XML Mesh File

.apm – Aldus Placeable Metafile Image

.brt – Bryce Textures File

.dds – DirectDraw Surface Image

.fpx – FlashPix Bitmap Image File

.heic – High Efficiency Image Format

.int – SGI Integer Image

.ithmb – iPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File

.jfif – JPEG File Interchange Format

.jpf – JPEG 2000 Image

.px – Pixel Image File

.tiff – Tagged Image File Format

.wbz – Webshots Download Picture File

.wdp – Windows Media Photo File

.xcf – GIMP Image File

.dpp – DrawPlus Drawing File

.emz – Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile

.mp – LaTeX MetaPost File

.pd – FlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document

.arw – Sony Digital Camera Image

.dng – Digital Negative Image File

.fff – Hasselblad RAW Image

.raw – Raw Image Data File

.indd – Adobe InDesign Document

.pa – Print Artist Project

.ppp – Serif PagePlus Document

.xdw – Fuji Xerox DocuWorks File

.numbers – Apple Numbers Spreadsheet

.ods – OpenDocument Spreadsheet

.xls – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)

.xlsm – Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled

.abcddb – Apple Address Book Contact List

.abs – Absolute Database File

.abx – WordPerfect Address Book

.ac -Ancestral Quest Collaborative Database File

.accdb – Access 2007 Database File

.accdc – Microsoft Access Signed Package

.accdt – Microsoft Access Database Template

.bak – Microsoft SQL Server Database Backup

.bc3 – FIEBDC-3 Database File

.btr – Btrieve Database File

.caf – Cathy Catalog File

.cat – Advanced Disk Catalog Database

.cdb – Symbian Phonebook Database

.ckp – SQL Server Checkpoint File

.cma – TM1 Exported Cube File

.cpd – RoboHelp Cache Project Database

.fdb – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database File

.action – Automator Action

.ahk – AutoHotkey Script

.azw2 – Kindle Active Content App File

.bat – DOS Batch File

.cmd – Windows Command File

.gs – Geosoft Script

.jar – Java Archive File

.mam – Microsoft Access Macro

.pif – Program Information File

.pwc – PictureTaker File

.rxe – Lego Mindstorms NXT Executable

.udf – Microsoft Excel User-defined Function

.wiz – Microsoft Wizard File

.xlm – Microsoft Excel Macro

.xbe – Xbox Executable File

.xqt – SuperCalc Macro File

.zl9 – ZoneAlarm Quarantined EXE File

.ct – Cheat Engine Cheat Table

.dol – GameCube Executable File

.epk – Metin2 Game Data Package

.fomod – Fallout Mod Archive

.ncf – No Cache File

.ndr – Nintendo 64DD Emulator ROM Save File

.pak – Video Game Package

.pdmod – Payday Modification Archive

.rofl – League of Legends Replay File

.sav – Nintendo DS Save File

.sfb – PlayStation 3 Disc Data File

.uasset – Unreal Asset File

.vcm – Vice City Mod Manager File

.vdf – Valve Data File

.vtf – Valve Texture File

.xpd – PlayStation Store PSP License File

.xwm – Microsoft xWMA Compressed Audio

.any – AnyRail Layout Plan

.att – Alphacam Lathe Tool File

.cad – Autodesk QuickCAD File

.dgn – MicroStation Design File

.dwg – AutoCAD Drawing Database File

.dxf – Drawing Exchange Format File

.ezc – AutoCAD Ecscad Components Backup File

.ezp – AutoCAD Ecscad Project Backup File

.gcode – G-Code 3D Printer File

.pln – ArchiCAD Project File

.rml – Redline Markup Language File

.sat – ACIS SAT 3D Model File

.scad – OpenSCAD Script

.skf – AutoSketch Drawing

.sldprt – SolidWorks Part File

.spt – SpeedTree Tree Data File

.x_t – Parasolid Model Part File

.atx – ArcGIS Attribute Index File

.axt – Microsoft AutoRoute Template

.fmv – FME Desktop Viewspace File

.kmz – Google Earth Placemark File

.saf – Street Atlas USA Map File

.wor – MapInfo Workspace File

.an – Adobe Edge Animate Project File

.asa – ASP Configuration File

.json – JavaScript Object Notation File

.nzb – NewzBin Usenet Index File

.phtml – PHP Web Page

.wbs – WebBlender Project File

.8ba – Photoshop Plug-in

.ax – DirectShow Filter

.crx – Chrome Extension

.qtx – QuickTime Extension

.vst -VST Audio Plugin

.xpi – Cross-platform Installer Package

.asec – Android Secure Application File

.dll – Dynamic Link Library

.mdmp – Windows Minidump

.msp – Windows Installer Patch

.rmt – Router Firmware File

.ruf – Samsung DVD & Blu-ray Player Firmware

.conf – Unix Configuration File

.drp – DaVinci Resolve Project

.mds – TestComplete Project File

.pmp – AutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File

.rcf – SonicWALL VPN Configuration File

.rts – Royal TS Remote Connection File

.sbx – Adobe Illustrator Tsume File

.tpf – SPSS Text Wizard Document

.aaa – CryptoWall Ransomware Encrypted File

.aep – Advanced Encryption Package Encrypted

.aes – AES Crypt Encrypted File

.afp – FileProtector Encrypted File

.apkm – Android App Bundle Mirror

.asc – PGP ASCII Armored File

.crypted – WinOptimizer Encrypted File

.iwa – iWork Archive File

.adf – Archimedes Disk File

.atr – Atari Disk Image

.avhd – Hyper-V SnapShot File

.daa – PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive

.dmg – Apple Disk Image

.mdf – Media Disc Image File

.st – Atari ST Disk Image

.swm – Split Windows Imaging Format File

.cc – C++ Source Code File

.exp – Symbols Export File

.gs – Google Apps Script

.iml – IntelliJ IDEA Module

.md – Markdown Documentation File

.ocx – ActiveX Control

.pdl – Perl Data Language File

.wsp – SharePoint Solution Package

.bak – Bookmarks Backup File

.bdb – Microsoft Works Database Backup File

.bkf – Windows Backup Utility File

.blend1 – Blender Document Backup File

.bpn – ArchiCAD Project Backup File

.mpb – MyPhoneExplorer Backup File

.pbb – AT&T; Phonebook File

.qbm – QuickBooks Portable Company File

.qbx – QuickBooks Accountant Transfer File

.tmp – Temporary File

.trn – SQL Server Transaction Log Backup File

.ass – Aegisub Advanced SubStation Alpha File

.bps – BPS Virus File

.bup – McAfee Quarantined File

.crd – Guitar Tabs

.nomedia – Android No Media File

.p7m – Digitally Encrypted Message

.part – Partially Downloaded File

.spk – Synology Package

.ssd – WindowBlinds Skin File List

.swp – Vi Swap File

.tcz – Tiny Core File

.abf – Adobe Binary Screen Font File

.acfm – Adobe Composite Font Metrics File

.afm – Adobe Font Metrics File

.dfont – Mac OS X Data Fork Font

.fot – Font Resource File

.jfproj – JSON Font Project File

.nftr – Nintendo DS Font Type File

.otf – OpenType Font

.pfa – Printer Font ASCII File

.ttc – TrueType Font Collection

.ttf – TrueType Font

.7z – 7-Zip Compressed File

.ace – WinAce Compressed File

.cbr – Comic Book RAR Archive

.dd – DiskDoubler Archive

.gz – Gnu Zipped Archive

.kz – KuaiZip Compressed File

.piz – Zipped File

.rar – WinRAR Compressed Archive

.tgz – Gzipped Tar File

.wux – Compressed Wii U Disk Image File

.xapk – Compressed Android Package File