What Does Powder Ghast Do? - Gaming
What Does Powder Ghast Do? - Gaming

What Does Powder Ghast Do?

Quick AnswerPowder Ghasts are a type of Ghast exclusive to the Dwarven Mines in Hypixel Skyblock. Attacking them causes them to drop different amounts of Mithril Powder.

Key Takeaways
Exclusive to the Dwarven Mines: Powder Ghasts can only be found in this specific location.
Drops Mithril Powder: Attacking Powder Ghasts results in the drop of valuable Mithril Powder.
Effective Combat Strategy: Using Runaan’s Bow and specific armor and pets can increase efficiency in farming these ghasts.


If you’re an avid player of Hypixel Skyblock, you’ve likely heard of the elusive Powder Ghast. This special type of Ghast is not just another enemy; it’s your key to obtaining big amounts of Mithril Powder, an important resource for upgrading your Heart Of The Mountain perks. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what Powder Ghasts do, how to effectively farm them, and why they are so important for your progression in the game.

What is a Powder Ghast?


Powder Ghasts are unique entities found exclusively in the Dwarven Mines. Unlike regular Ghasts, these creatures have a special property: when attacked, they drop varying amounts of Mithril Powder.

Importance of Mithril Powder

The main reason players seek out Powder Ghasts is for their drops—Mithril Powder. This resource is used to upgrade your Heart Of The Mountain perks, which are important for advancing in the game.

Quick HintQuick Tip: Always keep an eye out for these elusive ghasts while mining in the Dwarven Mines!

Effective Combat Strategies

Best Weapon Choice

To maximize your efficiency when farming Powder Ghasts, you’ll want to use Runaan’s Bow. This bow is particularly effective because each shot launches three arrows, tripling the amount of powder you can collect per attack.

# Example attributes for Runaan's Bow
Runaan's Bow:
  - Triple Shot: launches 3 arrows at once
  - High Damage: suitable for high HP enemies like Powder Ghasts

Staying Close and Dealing Damage

To consistently damage and farm these ghasts effectively, you should use either Spirit Boots or Tarantula Boots. These boots allow you to stay close to the ghast and continue dealing damage without much hassle.

Pro TipPro Tip: Equipping Werewolf Armor and Tiger Pet can significantly increase your damage output due to their impact on Ferocity.

# Example setup for high damage output
  - Spirit Boots or Tarantula Boots: Mobility and proximity
  - Werewolf Armor: Increased Ferocity impact
  - Tiger Pet: Boosts Ferocity more

Crafting with Titanium

While we’re on the topic of valuable resources, it’s worth mentioning that titanium, another important material found in Hypixel Skyblock, allows players to craft different high-level items.

Useful Titanium Crafts

  1. Titanium Drills (DR-X355, DR-X455, DR-X555)
  2. Topaz Drill KGR-12
  3. Titanium-Infused Fuel Tank
  4. Gemstone Fuel Tank
  5. Ruby-easy to understand Drill Engine
  6. Gemstone Chamber
  7. Beacon V
  8. Titanium Relic

NoteGeneral Note: Always prioritize crafting items that will improve your mining efficiency first.

Additional Tips and Recommendations

Increasing Commission Slots

By default, players start with two commission slots but can expand this number up to four by reaching Commission Milestone III and Peak of the Mountain Tier 3.

Spending Your Mithril Powder

Once you’ve amassed a good amount of Mithril Powder from farming Powder Ghasts:

  1. Focus on upgrading your Heart Of The Mountain perks.
  2. Prioritize perks that directly boost your mining efficiency and speed.

Common MistakesA common mistake is neglecting Ferocity—make sure you’re using equipment that boosts this stat.

TroubleshootingIf you notice inconsistent damage output when farming ghasts, double-check if all gear bonuses are active.


Powder Ghasts offer an incredible opportunity for players aiming to gather large quantities of Mithril Powder quickly. By employing strategic weapon choices like Runaan’s Bow and equipping yourself with mobility-enhancing gear such as Spirit or Tarantula Boots, you can maximize your efficiency when hunting these elusive creatures in the Dwarven Mines.

Remember to continuously improve your Heart Of The Mountain perks using the powder you collect and stay mindful of other valuable resources like titanium that can more augment your gameplay experience.

Now gear up and head into the Dwarven Mines—happy hunting!