How Do You Get the Golden Skull? - Gaming
How Do You Get the Golden Skull? - Gaming

How Do You Get the Golden Skull?

Quick AnswerThe Golden Skull in Call of Duty is a valuable item worth 12k, most commonly found in specific locations such as Police Stations in Al Mazrah City and dropped by commanders like Juggernaut and Scavenger.

Key Takeaways
Golden Skulls are highly valuable items worth 12k each.
They can be found in different specific locations or dropped by certain commanders.
Spawning is random, but completing an Intel contract can reveal their locations.


Are you on a quest to find the elusive Golden Skull in Call of Duty? Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, securing this high-value item can significantly boost your in-game wealth. In this article, we’ll explore how to get the Golden Skull, where it typically spawns, and tips for increasing your chances of finding one. Let’s dive into the hunt!

What is a Golden Skull in Call of Duty?

The Golden Skull is not just any collectible; it’s a literal golden skull worth 12k. This makes it one of the most sought-after items due to its high value. You’ll know it when you see it—trust us, it’s hard to miss.

Where to Find the Golden Skull

High-Probability Locations

Golden Skulls have the highest chance of appearing at three main Police Stations:

  1. South of Al Mazrah City
  2. Northwest section of Al Mazrah City
  3. South of Sa’id City Mall

These areas are usually guarded by armored personnel, so be prepared for a fight when you raid these spots.

Random Spawns

You can also find Golden Skulls randomly in warehouses and houses across Ashika Island and Al Mazrah. The catch? Their spawning is entirely random, making luck a big factor.

Quick HintComplete an Intel contract to reveal the location of commanders who might drop a Golden Skull!

Dropped by Commanders

Golden Skulls are often dropped by high-profile enemies like the Juggernaut and Scavenger:

  1. Juggernaut: Known for its heavy armor and firepower.
  2. Scavenger: A bit more elusive but equally dangerous.

Going after these commanders when they’re marked on your map will be your best bet for obtaining a Golden Skull.

How to Secure a Golden Skull

Raiding High-Probability Locations

To raid these Police Stations effectively:

1. Equip yourself with heavy armor and powerful weapons.
2. Coordinate with your team for a quick and efficient raid.
3. Be prepared for resistance from armored guards.
4. Search thoroughly once inside; look in safes that need drilling.

Taking Down Commanders

When targeting commanders:

1. Locate Juggernauts or Scavengers marked on your map.
2. Use long-range weapons to weaken them before closing in.
3. Utilize talk about and tactical equipment like flashbangs.
4. Work as a team to bring them down quickly.
5. Collect the loot immediately after defeating them.

Pro TipAlways carry extra ammo and health packs when hunting for Golden Skulls!

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes
Ignoring Intel Contracts: These contracts can reveal valuable information about potential skull locations.
Not Preparing Adequately: Underestimating the resistance you’ll face can lead to failure.
Lone Wolf Approach: Always work with your team; going solo decreases your chances of success.

Troubleshooting Tips

– If you’re having trouble finding Golden Skulls, focus more on completing Intel contracts to reveal commander locations.
– Struggling with raiding? Practice coordinated attacks with your team in less hostile environments first.


Finding a Golden Skull in Call of Duty requires strategy, preparation, and sometimes a bit of luck. By targeting specific high-probability locations and hunting down powerful commanders, you’ll increase your chances significantly. So gear up, coordinate with your team, and go secure that valuable loot!

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to adding the coveted Golden Skull to your collection—and boosting your in-game wealth tremendously.

Happy hunting!