How do I get rid of elk - bledom? - Technology
How do I get rid of elk - bledom? - Technology

How do I get rid of elk – bledom?

Quick AnswerELK – BLEDOM is a Bluetooth LED Strip Light that appears on your Bluetooth device list. To remove it, simply delete it from the Bluetooth menu on your device.
Key Takeaways
ELK – BLEDOM is a type of Bluetooth LED Strip Light.
• These lights can be controlled via a smartphone app.
• You can remove it by deleting it from your Bluetooth menu.


Have you ever noticed an unfamiliar name like ELK – BLEDOM popping up in your Bluetooth settings and wondered what it could be? You’re not alone. Many users have faced this mysterious device name and have been puzzled by its origin and function. In this article, we’ll explain what ELK – BLEDOM is, guide you through how to remove it from your device, and offer some tips on managing Bluetooth connections effectively.

What is ELK – BLEDOM?


ELK – BLEDOM refers to a Bluetooth LED Strip Light commonly sold online. These LED strips are popular for their versatility and ease of use, allowing users to control lighting through a smartphone app. When you see “ELK – BLEDOM” in your Bluetooth list, it’s essentially suggesting that one of these LED strip lights is within range or has been previously connected to your device.

Identifying the Source

If you’re unsure about where the ELK – BLEDOM signal is coming from, you can use a Bluetooth scanner app. Apps like LightBlue for iPhone or Android can help you detect and list all nearby Bluetooth devices.

Quick HintQuick Tip: Use the LightBlue app to scan and identify unknown Bluetooth devices around you.

How to Remove ELK – BLEDOM

Simple Deletion Process

If you’ve connected to an ELK – BLEDOM device before but no longer wish to have it in your Bluetooth list, removal is easy:

  1. Open your device’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Locate ELK – BLEDOM in the list of paired devices.
  3. Select the option to delete or forget this device.
Security NoteSecurity Note: Regularly check your Bluetooth connections for unknown devices to avoid potential security risks.

Enhancing Security with Your Bluetooth Devices

Recognizing Potential Threats

It’s important to be vigilant about unknown Bluetooth connections. If you notice any unfamiliar devices paired with your phone, they might pose security risks such as spying or hacking.

WarningWarning: Unrecognized Bluetooth devices could be a sign that someone is trying to access your data without permission.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Hidden Devices and How to Find Them

Sometimes, certain Bluetooth devices may not appear easily in your settings but still remain connected. Here’s how you can locate hidden devices:

  1. Download a Bluetooth scanner app, like LightBlue.
  2. Scan for nearby devices.
  3. Once detected, attempt to locate the physical device if needed.
NoteNote: Hidden devices can sometimes linger due to incomplete disconnections or software glitches.

Using the Correct App for Control

For controlling an ELK – BLEDOM LED strip light, you’ll need the corresponding app—Elkotrol. This app allows for full control over lighting settings directly from your smartphone.


To sum up, the next time you face ELK – BLEDOM on your Bluetooth list, you’ll know it’s simply a type of LED strip light that can be managed via an app on your phone. Removing such devices is easy through your Bluetooth settings menu. Always stay vigilant about unknown connections to make sure your data remains secure.

Feel free to apply these information next time you’re managing your smart home devices! By understanding what’s listed in your Bluetooth settings and knowing how to manage them effectively, you’ll keep both functionality and security at their peak.

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