How Do I Fix My PS4 Not Obtaining an IP Address? - Technology
How Do I Fix My PS4 Not Obtaining an IP Address? - Technology

How Do I Fix My PS4 Not Obtaining an IP Address?

Quick AnswerIf your PS4 is not obtaining an IP address, try moving it closer to the router, restarting both the router and PS4, and checking your connection settings. If necessary, assign a static IP address.

Key Takeaways
1. Restart both your PS4 and router.
2. Check and update the Internet connection settings on your PS4.
3. Consider assigning a static IP address to avoid conflicts.


Have you ever settled in for a gaming session only to find that your PS4 isn’t connecting to the internet? One common issue is when the console fails to obtain an IP address. This can be incredibly annoying, but don’t worry—you’re not alone! In this article, we’ll dive deep into how you can solve this pesky problem with practical solutions and tips. We’ll talk about everything from basic troubleshooting to advanced fixes. Let’s get started!

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Move Your PS4 Closer to the Router

Your PS4 might be struggling to connect due to a weak WiFi signal. Try moving your console closer to your router and remove any obstacles that could be interfering with the signal.

NoteObjects like walls, furniture, and electronic devices can severely impact WiFi shows.

Restart Your Router and PS4

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix connectivity issues.

  1. Turn off your router.
  2. Wait at least 5 minutes before turning it back on.
  3. Restart your PS4.

Checking Internet Connection Settings

Reconnect to the Network

Go through the network setup process again on your PS4:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection.
  2. Choose either Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable, depending on your setup.
  3. Follow the prompts to reconnect.

Verify WiFi Password

Make sure that you are entering the correct WiFi password during setup. A simple typo can cause connectivity issues.

Quick HintDouble-check that Caps Lock is not enabled when typing in your password.

Assign a Static IP Address

If reconnecting doesn’t work, consider assigning a static IP address to avoid potential conflicts.

  1. Go to Settings > Network > View Connection Status and note down details like IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, etc.
  2. Return to Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Choose Custom, select your network type (WiFi/LAN), and choose Manual for IP Address Setting.
  4. Enter the details you noted earlier but change the last digit of the IP address (e.g., if it was, make it 192.168.1.X where X ranges from 3-255).
IP Address: 192.168.1.X
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Main DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Pro TipUsing Google’s DNS servers ( and can sometimes fix connectivity issues more effectively.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Change Wi-Fi Channel

Interference from other networks can cause issues with obtaining an IP address.

  1. Access your router’s admin panel (usually by typing its IP address into a web browser).
  2. Navigate to Wireless settings and change the channel number.
    3-11 are generally good choices as they are less crowded.

Common Issues and Fixes

MAC Filtering

Make sure MAC filtering is turned off on your router:

  • Log into your router’s admin panel.
  • Find MAC filtering settings under Security or Advanced settings.
  • Make sure it’s disabled or add your PS4’s MAC address to the allowed list.

Common MistakesForgetting to save changes in the router’s admin panel can lead to continued connectivity issues.

Troubleshooting Tips

Check PlayStation Network Status

Before diving too deep into troubleshooting, it’s worth checking if there’s an issue with PlayStation Network itself:

  • Visit PlayStation Network status page online.

Flight Mode Trick (For Mobile Hotspots)

If you’re using a mobile hotspot:

1- Toggle flight mode on and off on your mobile device.
2- Reconnect using the hotspot credentials.

TroubleshootingThis trick can help reset network configurations temporarily affecting connectivity.


Getting your PS4 connected shouldn’t be a headache! By following these steps—from basic troubleshooting like restarting devices and verifying passwords, all the way up to advanced techniques like assigning static IP addresses—you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any connection issues head-on.

Remember, patience is key! Sometimes these solutions take a bit of trial and error but hang in there, you’ll get back online in no time! Happy gaming!

By employing these methods effectively, you’ll make sure that ps4 obtain ip address failed becomes a thing of the past for you! Dive into these tips today and enjoy seamless online gaming once more.

Thank you for reading! If you found this guide helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with fellow gamers who might need it too!