Ethics Policy

Fairness and Objectivity

At TechShift, we uphold journalistic principles of fairness, accuracy, and objectivity. We avoid making personal attacks or value judgements when covering companies, products, or industry professionals. Even for controversial topics, we strive to present facts in context from diverse credible sources to allow readers to draw their own conclusions.

Transparent Sourcing

We follow FTC guidelines on disclosing sources of products reviewed and relationships with brands covered. If an article includes significant quotes, facts, or media from another source, we credit the original creator and link to the source when possible. For unofficial images or artwork, we contact creators directly for permission whenever feasible.

Honoring Embargoes and Avoiding Spoilers

TechShift respects embargoes and does not reveal confidential information without permission. We avoid spoilers in headlines or images and provide clear spoiler warnings when discussing major plot details. Our goal is never to ruin the experience for readers, but to provide useful information and analysis to those who seek it out.

Separating Business Relationships from Editorial

Our editors make decisions independently from our business side. If a writer receives special access or products from a company, they abstain from reviewing that company’s offerings, to maintain impartiality. The integrity of our reporting takes priority over any partnerships or sponsors.

Valuing Transparency and Accountability

When we make a mistake, we correct it quickly and clearly. We aim to build reader trust through adherence to ethical principles and taking ownership when we fall short. Our ultimate commitment is to prioritize what’s right over what’s profitable when the two conflict.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]