Fact Checking Policy

Truth and Accuracy are Key

At TechShift, we hold truth and accuracy as our highest values. Before publishing any article, we verify all facts, quotes, and data points through rigorous research and confirmation of sources.

Our writers strive to provide full context and present a balanced perspective on complex issues. We reference original sources directly and provide links whenever possible so readers can evaluate information themselves. Speculation and rumor are always clearly labeled as such.

Building Trust Through Transparency

If information comes from an unnamed or unofficial source, we make that clear and explain why we still find it credible. For controversial topics, we make an effort to incorporate diverse viewpoints from credible experts.

When covering announcements or leaks, we immediately reach out to official company contacts for confirmation or comment, even if it’s just to say they cannot provide one. We believe readers deserve to know whether information is officially verified or not.

Providing Meaningful Analysis

TechShift goes beyond simply reporting news – we aim to help readers understand why it matters. Our experienced writers have backgrounds in technology, business, and journalism. They work hard to provide context, weigh pros and cons, point out key implications, and synthesize complex ideas into clear explanations readers can rely on.

While we occasionally make predictions or forward-looking statements, we always clearly note if we are speculating versus stating facts. Our goal is to equip readers to draw their own informed conclusions.

Upholding Editorial Integrity

Our writers and editors work together to uphold rigorous standards. We value accuracy, objectivity, and transparency. If we make a mistake, we correct it quickly and clearly. We aim to earn readers’ trust every day through dedication to ethical, insightful reporting.

If you feel like you found a mistake on our website, please do not hesitate and email us at [email protected]