How do I pair my phone to my tablet?

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Before we delve into the specifics of how to connect your devices, it’s important to understand the potential benefits. The ability to pair your phone with your tablet provides a new level of convenience. It means you can share files easily between the two devices, use one device to control the other, and even answer phone calls from your tablet.

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How Do I Pair My Phone to My Tablet?

To pair your phone to your tablet, the process typically involves using Bluetooth. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, ensure that Bluetooth is turned on for both your phone and tablet. You can usually find this option in the settings menu.
  2. Next, make both devices discoverable. Again, this option is usually found in the Bluetooth settings menu.
  3. On your tablet, look for your phone’s name in the list of available devices and select it.
  4. You will then be asked to confirm a pairing code or accept a pairing request on both devices. Make sure the code displayed on both screens matches, then confirm the pairing.
  5. Once the devices are paired, you can start sharing files, music, and more between your phone and tablet.

Connecting a Samsung Phone to a Tablet

Samsung offers a unique solution known as Samsung Flow that allows you to connect your phone to your tablet or PC. This method provides options for connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LAN.

  1. Begin by opening the Samsung Flow app on both your Samsung phone and tablet.
  2. Hit “Start” on your tablet, then choose your phone from the list of devices.
  3. If given the choice, select your preferred connection method – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LAN.

Pairing an Android Tablet

Pairing an Android tablet with another device is similar to the general process we outlined in the first section. However, the exact steps might differ slightly depending on the specific versions of Android and the manufacturers of your devices.

  1. Go to your tablet’s settings and turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Ensure that your tablet is discoverable.
  3. From the list of available devices, select the device you want to pair with.
  4. Confirm the pairing by matching the code shown on both devices and accepting the pairing request.

Syncing Your Tablet with Your Phone and Computer

Syncing your tablet with your phone and computer can help you maintain consistency across your devices. It allows you to share files, access the same apps, and even use one device to control another. The process varies depending on the types of devices you’re using, but generally involves signing into the same accounts on each device and enabling syncing in the settings.

Controlling Your Phone from Your Tablet

Yes, it is possible to use your phone from your tablet. This can be done with the help of two software applications: AirMirror and AirDroid.

  1. Download and install AirMirror and AirDroid on both devices.
  2. Open AirDroid on your phone and sign in to your account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it.
  3. Open AirMirror on your tablet and sign in to the same account.
  4. Now, you should be able to remotely control your phone from your tablet.


Can I pair my iPhone with my Android tablet?

Yes, it’s possible to pair an iPhone with an Android tablet using Bluetooth. The process is similar to pairing two Android devices.

Do I need to keep Bluetooth on all the time to maintain the pairing?

No, once the devices are paired, they’ll remember each other. You only need to turn Bluetooth on when you want to use the paired devices together.

What if my devices won’t pair?

Ensure that both devices are discoverable and that you’re entering the correct pairing code. If you’re still having trouble, try resetting your devices or updating their software.

Can I pair my phone with multiple tablets?

Yes, a phone can be paired with multiple tablets. However, it can only be connected to one device at a time.

Is it safe to pair my phone with my tablet?

Yes, as long as you’re taking precautions like ensuring you’re pairing with the correct device and not accepting pairing requests from unknown devices.


Pairing your phone with your tablet can provide a host of benefits, such as file sharing, mirrored control, and easy access to calls and messages. While the process might vary slightly depending on the specific devices and software you’re using, it’s generally straightforward and accessible to all users. So whether you’re looking to streamline your digital life or simply want to try something new, pairing your phone and tablet could be a beneficial step forward.

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