Is human or not AI game safe?

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The "Human or Not" AI game and the "Turing Test" chat are innovative online activities that pose unique challenges and opportunities for players. While they can be quite entertaining, it's crucial to be aware that the "Human or Not" game is not intended for children under 18, according to AI21 Labs, the game's developers. The Turing Test chat, on the other hand, is a quick and engaging game where the player converses with an unknown entity and attempts to determine if it's a human or an AI.

Understanding the “Human or Not” game and the Turing Test chat can open up a new world of online entertainment, while also offering an insight into the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of AI technology.

Key Takeaways

  • The "Human or Not" game is not suitable for children under 18, as stated by AI21 Labs in their privacy policy. The Turing Test chat game requires players to identify if their conversation partner is a human or an AI within a two-minute chat.
  • Playing the Games: To play "Human or Not", one needs to access the website, initiate the game, and engage in a timed conversation with another player or an AI bot. In the Turing Test chat, players engage in a two-minute conversation, asking any question or giving any response they wish, before making their guess.
  • The 'Human or Not' App: The "Human or Not" app combines the challenge of distinguishing between human-created and AI-generated images, allowing users to test their instincts.

Is human or not AI game safe?

The game “Human or Not?” is developed by AI21 Labs and is designed specifically for adults. Children under 18 are advised not to play this game. As stated in the game’s privacy policy, AI21 Labs does not cater to children and discourages them from providing personal data to the game. This precaution ensures the safety of younger players by protecting them from potential misuse of personal information. It’s essential that parents or guardians supervise children’s online activities to ensure they aren’t accessing age-inappropriate content or providing personal data without consent.

Playing the Turing Test Chat

The Turing Test chat is a game where the player engages in a conversation with an unknown entity. This interaction doesn’t follow a specific script; instead, the player can ask any question or provide any response. This flexibility allows the player to attempt to determine the nature of their chat partner. The catch is, the chat only lasts for two minutes. After this brief period, the player must decide whether they were chatting with a human or an AI. The Turing Test chat is a fun and challenging game that also offers a glimpse into the capabilities of current AI technologies.

Understanding the Human or Not AI App

The “Human or Not” app presents a unique blend of creativity and technology. Users are given an image and must determine whether it was created by a human artist or an AI image generator. This game provides a fun challenge that tests the user’s discernment abilities. It also showcases the advancement of AI image generation, which has reached a point where distinguishing between human-made and AI-generated images can be quite difficult.

How to Play the Human or Not Game

Playing the “Human or Not?” game is a simple process. Upon visiting the game’s homepage, the user can immediately start the game by clicking a button to initiate. After a short wait, the game pairs the player with either another player or an AI bot. The game also randomly decides which party gets to start the conversation. Each message sent during the game has a 20-second timer, adding a thrilling time pressure element to the game.


What is the age restriction for the ‘Human or Not?’ game?

The ‘Human or Not?’ game is not designed for children under the age of 18. AI21 Labs, the game’s developer, discourages children from providing personal data to the game.

What is the objective of the Turing Test chat game?

The objective of the Turing Test chat game is for the player to determine if they are chatting with a human or an AI within a two-minute conversation.

How does the ‘Human or Not’ AI app work?

The ‘Human or Not’ AI app presents users with an image and challenges them to determine whether it was created by a human artist or an AI image generator.

How can I start a game of ‘Human or Not?’

To start a game, visit the ‘Human or Not?’ website and click the button to begin. The game will match you with another player or an AI bot, and a 20-second timer is set for each message you send.


The “Human or Not?” AI game and the Turing Test chat offer engaging and unique challenges for players. While they provide an intriguing insight into the capabilities of AI technology, they also serve as a reminder of the importance of online safety, particularly for younger users. These games serve as both sources of entertainment and educational tools, highlighting the increasingly blurred line between human and AI-generated content. As technology continues to evolve, games like these will continue to shape our understanding of AI and its potential

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