What does adept AI do?

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Adept AI is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on studying human interaction with computers, such as internet browsing and software navigation. Their AI model can interpret text commands and convert them into action sequences. Unlike OpenAI's ChatGPT or DALL-E, Adept AI doesn't generate text or images, but focuses on creating practical solutions for knowledge workers.

In an era where artificial intelligence is gaining popularity and influencing various aspects of our lives, it’s crucial to understand the role and functionality of AI companies like Adept AI. As the AI landscape expands, the potential for innovative models and applications grows as well. Adept AI, with its unique approach to AI modeling, plays a significant role in this technological evolution.

Key Takeaways

  • Adept AI is an AI company that studies human interaction with computers to create practical solutions for knowledge workers.
  • Unlike other AI models, Adept AI doesn't generate text or images, but converts text commands into action sequences.
  • Adept AI is a private company and you must be an accredited investor to buy pre-IPO shares.

What does Adept AI do?

Adept AI, unlike its contemporaries, diverges from the norm of generating text or images. It focuses on studying human interaction with computers, ranging from internet browsing to the complex navigation of enterprise software tools. Its AI model can interpret and convert text commands into sets of actions. This approach not only breaks away from traditional AI models but also provides practical solutions that are instrumental for knowledge workers.

General Catalyst’s Deep Nishar praised the company for its innovation and depth of expertise. He highlighted that Adept AI pushes the generative AI frontier beyond text and image modalities into the practical realm of knowledge worker actions. The company’s unique contribution to AI technology has been praised for its practicality and applicability in real-world scenarios, especially for knowledge workers who interact with complex software tools daily.

Adept AI: A Privately Held Company

Adept AI is a privately held company and is not publicly traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ. As such, the process for investing in Adept AI differs significantly from investing in publicly traded companies.

To purchase pre-IPO shares of a private company like Adept AI, one must be an accredited investor. Being an accredited investor involves meeting certain income and net worth requirements. These criteria help ensure that the investor is financially secure enough to take on the risks associated with investing in private companies, which can be substantial.

While investing in private companies can offer significant potential returns, it’s crucial to remember that these investments also come with a high degree of risk. Unlike public companies, private companies do not need to disclose as much information to investors, which can make assessing the company’s financial health and prospects more challenging.

Leadership at Adept AI

At the helm of Adept AI is David Luan, the Founder, and CEO. His leadership and vision play a significant role in the company’s innovative approach to AI technology. His expertise and guidance have been instrumental in steering the company towards its unique focus on studying human-computer interactions and translating text commands into actionable sequences.


Is Adept AI a generative AI company?

Yes, Adept AI is a generative AI company. However, it differs from typical generative AI models that produce text or images. Adept AI’s model studies human-computer interactions and translates text commands into sets of actions.

Can anyone invest in Adept AI?

Not everyone can invest in Adept AI. As a privately held company, only accredited investors can purchase pre-IPO shares. This status requires meeting specific income and net worth criteria.

Who leads Adept AI?

David Luan is the Founder and CEO of Adept AI. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in shaping the company’s innovative approach to AI technology.


Adept AI, with its unique approach to artificial intelligence, stands out in the AI landscape. By focusing on studying human-computer interactions and converting text commands into action sequences, the company has carved a niche for itself in the AI realm. While the investment opportunities in Adept AI are limited to accredited investors, the innovative work the company is doing under the leadership of David Luan holds promise for the future of AI technology.

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