Android Phones With IR Blaster [Updated September 2020]

Infrared Blaster(IR Blaster) is a novel feature which is available in most Android Phones with infra red support. Infra Red is a type of invisible light waves having low frequency than the red color in visible light spectrum. Earlier infra red was used for data transfer between mobile devices, in addition to Bluetooth. The communication … Read more

I Hate Android: Why? – By a Hardcore Android Lover!

Like millions of people around the world, I am an Android fanboy. Recently I though about sharing some of my  aspects which I don’t like about Android.  Eventhough being Android has gotten better over the years but there are still many things I dont like about it. To put it bluntly, I hate Android, at … Read more

Hard Disk Data Recovery Myths Busted!

So you connected your external HDD to your laptop and expect the Autorun window to come up asking what to do. To your surpirse, what you see nothing but hear the dreaded sound comin from your hard disk! Oh God! Welcome to the hard disk crash club! I have experienced the above many times in … Read more

Best Waterproof Phones List of Water Resistant Phones 2020

Waterproof phones are becoming more and more popular day by day. Phones with IP certification started appearing around the year 2014. But still most of the users do not care about the waterproof capability of their phone. But now the Coronavirus changed everything! Health experts are urging to clean your personal belongings whenever possible, either … Read more

The Ultimate List of Domain Parking Companies

Domain parking is one of the most popular ways of generating income with domain traffic. Domain parking is an option for individuals who have domains that receive traffic, but are not using or monetizing it in any way. Parking a domain name is pretty simple. Follow these steps: Choose a domain parking company. Add your … Read more

Best Portable Audio Recording? Zoom H1 Review

The Techshift team and I are slowly progressing into the world of video making for YouTube. (More of that come of course!) During this journey we have noticed that our sound equipment, none besides the onboard mic of our dslr, just was not cutting it. Upon doing some research I originally sought to buy the Zoom … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Mechanical Keyboard

There you are, sitting on your office chair. Feeling comfortable and good about yourself. Let me tell you something. You are lost. You are a nobody. Why? Because you don’t have a mechanical keyboard in your life! Like some evangelical preacher, I have an idea I need to sell you. That is the glory of the mechanical … Read more

Android call logs deleted automatically? – Solved!

Are you worried about the weird problem of call logs getting deleted automatically on your Android Phone? Then here is the solution! I have seen many Android users asking this question on Oneplus and Google forums. But none of the forums contain any clear cut solution this issue. I observed this issue when I upgraded … Read more