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Techshift aims to deliver the best technology information to you, the reader. We are a team of smart, young professionals who love technology. To us, technology isnt just an industry. Its more than that. Technology is a culture. Technology is a way of life. Just like the seasons, technology is ever-changing. This is how we came up with the name: Techshift.



In many ways, Techshift can describe all of us. We are bold, edgy, and fresh. We also have some unique qualities. Today, loving technology is commonplace. You are no longer labeled a geek off the street. And you shouldnt. While some sites proudly adhere to that stereotype, we intend to break the mold. We are people just like you.



With all the countless tech blogs on the web, where do we fit in? How can weВ separateВ ourselves from the rest? And why should you trust us? First, we consist of a very tight team. We understand each other and we know what we want out of TechShift. We work as a team. Second, we review our own products on hand. In other words, we dont do fake reviews. Were people just like you and sometimes, we need to look up reviews for ourselves. It disgusts us beyond belief that spammers are now infecting the web with fake reviews. And finally, we will stay true to ourselves. If we dont like something, you will hear it with no apologies. We say what we mean and mean what we say.



The TechShift Crew


Set Sar is a 29-year-old autodidact who owes his education to his curiosity and the Internet. He likes to solve problems by looking at the big picture. When it comes to computers, he loves Linux and open source software but he can appreciate the quality and support of paid software. In his spare time, Set loves to grab coffee with his friends. Whether its building an e-bike to using the Dvorak keyboard layout,В Set is always looking to try something different. He has a wide range of responsibilities on TechShift. He works on maintenance, design, and contributing with posts.

Set, TechShift Member





Len Thou is a 23 year old college student who is currently specializing in Education. While Len is a long time Mac owner, he is willing to give anything new a try. In his free time, Len enjoys staying productive by taking photographs and filming homemade movies. В Len is a full time writer for TechShift.








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